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At Domingos Construções we take improve it we do very seriously. We know you are entrusting your home to us so we can improve, and we consider that our privilege. With over 15 of years experience, without a doubt, we have the track record to ensure that all your services are completed successfully. We are a family/locally owned and operated business and look forward to working on your project.

Construction e Services

In addition to all the high quality work we do, we also strongly belive in customer service. From the beginning of each service, we will maintain frequent and honest communication with you. You'll always know when we'll be at your house, what we'll be working on, and exactly who will be doing the work.

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Decks and more

With so many design options, our customers are often overwhelmed by so much variety. Fortunately, our dedicated team members are experts at guiding clients from inspiration to decision making. Hire us and let's build your dream in a blink of an eye.

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An addition is an improvement that increases the square footage of a structures.

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is the fitting together of pieces to give a structure support and shape



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